Work. Home. Life

Do you want to reclaim the balance in your life? What can you do to be more productivemotivated and inspired as you work from your home office?

Start enjoying life instead of just maintaining or surviving.

Happy Balanced Life is dedicated to sharing the tools, skills, and experiences so others can get their jobs done while getting a little time for wellness and peace of mind.

My Story

Through my own experiences as a work-at-home mom, I’ve had to learn first-hand how hard it can be to juggle many of life’s challenges.

What we explore

The three cornerstones of a happy balanced life are work, home and your overall life. Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed and stressed by your day to day commitments? Let’s explore ways to rebalance in these areas in order to increase positivity, peacefulness and joy.


Increase productivity. Learn ways to avoid or even heal from burnout. Wake up inspired and motivated. Juggle the kids and the workload with less stress.


Make progress on your organizing and decluttering goals. Learn tips to live a more low-toxin lifestyle to help your overall health, while making your home feel peaceful and lovely.


Are you making time for yourself? Let’s talk about how you can create memories, enjoy the little things, go on adventures and other ways to support your physical wellness, spirituality and mental health.

Declutter Challenge

Join me as I work on clearing the spaces in our home to bring in a feeling of peace and improving focus. As a family with the challenges of ADHD and Anxiety, an organized home equals a more organized mind.

Number of things I have purged in 2022

Number of things to still sort through (it feels like)

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