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What can you do to be more productive, motivated and inspired as you work from your home office

Through my own experiences as a work-at-home mom, I’ve had to learn first-hand how to juggle many of life’s challenges. From starting a business in-between new baby nap times to managing remote teams on large projects for Fortune 100 companies, there have been stories and struggles along the way. As both my business and babies grew, so did my responsibilities. Finding ways to maximize my time while keeping my sanity was not an either-or proposition.

Happy Balanced Life is dedicated to sharing the tools, skills, and experiences so that others can get their jobs done while getting a little time for wellness and peace of mind.


Survival tips for work at home parents

Tools and tricks for increased productivity. Healthy habits to increase energy and wellness. Worksheets, printables, freebies, and more to help you organize now (and stay sane later).

How to Make Hand Sanitizer

How to Make Hand Sanitizer

It has been hard to track down hand sanitizer lately and for those who cannot always be at home near soap and water, it’s a real concern. So I wanted to share this DIY hand sanitizer recipe with you all.   First things first, please be sure you are careful with...