The benefits of essential oils are endless. I was introduced to Young Living essential oils by a dear friend and fellow hockey mom. One day she told me the secret to keeping her son’s hockey gear from smelling so bad! If you’ve had any experience with sports gear and pre-teens, you’d understand. As for hockey, the mix of the icy gear and active children makes for a stinky mix. She explained she put a cotton ball with a few drops of Purification oil in their gear bags. She also shared a sample of White Angelica and my daughter and I used that as a “pick-me-up” fragrance often. There seemed to be so many incredible uses for the oils and I had always strived to keep our household healthy and as chemical free as possible. Until essential oils came into my life, I was still relying on several commercial products with toxins. I knew we could do better, so I asked for the Premium Starter Kit for Christmas. My husband was kind enough to get me set up as a distributor, and wrapped my oils kit and put it under the tree.


I love that the oils can be used to increase wellness and support the immune system. Thieves oil is diffused in our house throughout the winter. I also put a drop in my coffee to really feel like I’m protected. I know that we’re much healthier since using oils regularly. I have been known to use my Thieves spray on backpacks and doorknobs, faucets, etc. I think it really helps.


Another huge benefit for us is the mood boosting power of oils. As a family with ADHD tendencies, we’ve found that the oils really support our ability to focus and manage stress. We use Stress-Away almost everyday. Brain Power and Highest Potential are my go-to oils for work hours, along with Citrus Fresh or Peppermint if I need a little boost of energy. I have also found that Valor helps me feel calmer and decreases my anxiety levels. After school, Peace and Calming or Stress Away are great for homework time. I can’t believe the difference in my kids’ attitudes when I’m diffusing oils in the kitchen while they are working on homework. They are definitely less frustrated and can focus longer and keep a much better attitude.


It’s really amazing how many wonderful products Young Living has to offer. I am discovering new uses and recipes for DIY projects all the time. I can’t help but share my love of these oils and how much they have done for my family. As a creative, passionate, and active household, these oils are making our lives a lot more peaceful and healthy. We are lucky to have found something that lifts us up and helps us to manage more calmly the challenges we face each day.