A new year is upon us. A time of fresh starts and new habits. The beginning of a new year is a great time to start thinking about your long-term goals and tweaking your daily routines to make things happen. One goal many of us have is to get healthy and fit.


I have learned a lot in 2017 about goal tracking and improving the balance in my life. Getting back on track, as far as food and fitness, made a huge difference in my overall goals and productivity. For almost a year now I have been climbing back up from feeling some physical signs that I’d better make myself a priority or I’d fall down a slippery slope of poor health. I was determined to not let it happen without a fight. What I noticed is that once you get your mental and physical health back in order, the rest of life can more easily follow.


I was working on the basics at first. I tried drinking more water, eating more vegetables, taking basic supplements and working out. My goal was to start feeling more energetic and focused, but it was hard to pinpoint exactly what was making me feel better or worse from day to day. Because of this, I started tracking my food, mood and exercise daily. I loved how just writing everything down was not only a great record when I wanted to see what was helping, but was also extremely motivating and kept me working toward my goals.


I found it so helpful to keep a log of my energy, motivation and focus each day as well. I can see patterns when I fall off the exercise wagon and have less energy, for example. If I’ve had a rough week I can see if I was keeping up with the basics at least. Was I drinking enough water? Did I do a little exercise? Was I eating enough healthy foods? Did I use my essential oils enough? Since I have been doing this I have lost some weight, feel more motivated and focused and remember to make more time for myself during the day.


I wanted to share this printable tracker I made, so you can start the new year off right and start taking a closer look at how food and fitness make you feel. It seems like a natural first habit to start in the new year. Track your food, mood and fitness each day and see what you learn. These daily habits are the cornerstone of a balanced and more productive new year.

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