Sometimes you need to reboot. If you had a rocky start to your day or just feel “off”, it might be time for a reboot. I had a stressful weekend. I know it had to do with not taking care of myself and doing too many things. I love to keep the kids busy and do things with the family, but I also need to learn how to balance that with my own health and wellness. Too often, I put myself last and don’t find time to exercise, eat right, or (eeek) even shower. It’s amazing how fast you can start to feel rundown if you don’t do those simple daily habits to keep yourself healthy. So today was a reboot day.


After biting off way more than I should have over the weekend, I woke up feeling pretty low. I knew that logically, everything was fine and I’d get over it. However, I also knew I needed to prioritize myself and my health in order to kick start the week and start on a more positive note.


After booking a doctor’s appointment for my son for some random leg pain he is having, and getting him off to school, I finally took a shower and got ready for the day. Getting dressed and completely ready always makes you feel more in control of things. I then took out my daily worksheet that visually helps me block out my day and simplify what I have to do. If you want to try that, it’s in my shop called “Today is the Day Worksheet”. It has room for your morning and evening routines, a section for your work and home projects and a time blocking section in the middle where you can outline when you will do each task. I love that the spacing and text is large enough for me to post on my clipboard and hang next to my desk and still see it easily.


I grabbed some water with lemon essential oil and put some uplifting oils in the diffuser. I diffused Young Living Thieves and Purification oils and also put a couple drops of Young Living Highest Potential or Citrus Fresh on topically. I needed a mood booster, so I wore something that is energizing to me.


Next up was my Food, Mood & Fitness tracker for the day. I know I did some damage over the weekend by eating way too much sugar. My daughter had a Valentine’s party and I couldn’t resist the cupcakes! The junk food was definitely contributing to my state of mind. Sugar and grains sure have a horrible effect on my mental state, that’s for sure. I woke up at 2 in the morning last night full of anxiety about all the things I have to do. Ugh.


I decluttered my office and desk. In order to start fresh, I needed to have less visual clutter. If I have a lot of things out and around my workspace, it “talks” to me. A pile of papers says, “why haven’t you sorted me yet” over and over. The shipping boxes next to my desk yell at me to open them and process what is inside. I took everything off of my desk that wasn’t absolutely necessary. I cleared the floor and surfaces. I emptied the shredder and shredded the pile of papers that was waiting on top. I needed to quiet all these visual distractions in order to focus on what needs to get done.


I then started in on work and moved as quickly as I could through my projects. The best way for me to feel more in control of my environment is to get shizzle done! I did my best to not overthink each task and I tried to break larger things up into very small steps. That way, I’m moving forward without getting stuck. Sometimes if a project looks too big, it can create a sense of being stuck or paralyzed. It might present as a feeling of fear, anxiety, frustration, or lack of motivation. It’s usually a feeling of not wanting to start at all. When that happens, try to break that larger project up into very small parts and just start. Once you start moving on something you should be able to break through that stuck feeling and might even find that the task is much easier than you thought it would be. Even if it is still hard work, take it slow, you are getting stuff done.


Something else I need to work on is not putting too much on my daily to do list. I need wall art that says, “You’re not Superman you know”, which is that awesome line from the movie Spiderman. This runs through my head now and then when I realize I’m trying to be responsible for way too much. Another thought that sometimes helps, but sounds horribly selfish is, “You don’t owe anyone anything”. I had an epiphany recently when that popped into my head. If you are a selfless person, this quote really helps put things in perspective. Really, if you feel overwhelmed, it probably means you are trying to take care of too many things or too many people. Of course we need to manage our responsibilities, but how often do you find yourself taking on someone else’s stress, or helping with their projects, or putting someone else’s appointments ahead of your own? A huge part of finding balance in your life is realizing that no one else will take care of you except you! Sure, your partner, friends and family help you, but they also require a lot of your time and energy. You ultimately need to have boundaries and routines that keep you near the top of your own list.


After these steps I felt much more in control of my day and mind. Ask yourself, have you had any fun today? Do you feel peaceful and content? If not, it’s really time for a reboot and a reevaluation of what truly makes you happy and fulfilled.